Alcohol and Toxins Tut

Hi. Dr Lawson has asked me to put up some of the info from his tut this evening. So…


Alcohol Powerpoint


Toxicology for the Anaesthetist

Thanks to Richard Lawson for making these available.


Stats – p values

A quick overview of the p-value.

Short and sweet. Next up… ANOVA.



Question 1 (Physiology) 

Discuss acid base regulation under the following headings:

i) Buffer systems

ii) Ventilation response to change of pH

iii) Renal response to change in pH

Question 2 (Pharmacology)

i) Discuss the mechanism of action of furosemide.

ii) What is the effect of furosemide on the acid base regulation.

Question 3 (physics)

i) Derive the Henderson Hasselbach equation.

Have Fun 🙂

TUTS for week 28 November

The tuts for the week are as follows:
Tuesday 29 November: Alcohol and toxins by Dr R Lawson 17h00 at Gen.
Thursday 1 December: Hepatic Physiology by Dr M Morford 17h00 at Gen.

Stats 6

Herewith installment 6.



Mock Questions – Week 21-25 November 2011

As promised – herewith some mock questions



Discuss the control of blood glucose concentration (100)



Postoperative nausea and vomiting are of major concern to the anaesthesiologist.

i. WSNO the physiological mechanism of nausea and emesis (15)

ii. Tabulate the agents available for the prevention of PONV, with special reference to their side effect profiles and differences



Write notes on ensuring the electrical safety of the operating theatre. (50)


Have fun….

Tutorials – Week 21-25 Nov 2011

Quick note about the tutorials this week. There will be no tutorial tomorrow (Tuesday 22 Nov) but there will be one on Thursday 24 November – Dr Clover Lee will do PONV and antiemetics.
This week’s questions will follow later.

Confidence Intervals – Stats 5

Herewith the next in the series.

As always… Questions? Pls contact me/ dave Wels.

Statistics Course_5_PDF

Statistics 4 – The Normal Distribution

Hi once again.

Herewith the latest installment in stats 101. The normal distribution. Once again, if there are any queries or if there is something you don’t understand please please contact me or Dr Wels and we will attempt to clarify. I have tried to make the notes as coherent as possible but some were written in the late hours….

.Statistics Course -4_PDF


Hi all….

We have had a request from the registrars to reinstate the questions as previously sent out with mails.
We will send questions as from this week. If you wish to submit answers to the questions please feel free to do so to Dr Blackburn and I.

Question 1 (Physiology):

Discuss physiology of glucocorticoids under following headings:
a.) Production
b.) Feedback mechanisms and regulation of production
c.) function
d.) effect of bilateral adrenalectomy

Question 2 (pharm)

Discuss arachidonic acid metabolism in inflammation and ALL drugs used to inhibit the metabolic byproducts.

Question 3 (Physics)

Discuss measurement of plasma oncotic pressure?
What happens to plasma oncotic pressure in systemic inflammation?

Good luck!