Use of “files” and refresher courses

Yesterday we had a meeting of a number of people involved in the part I examinations and teaching. There were a number of issues raised, more on those in the weeks to come. However, what came up very strongly is that we should be discouraging the use of files and other peoples notes.

Please remember that if you use somebodies notes to prepare for the exam, you are using their interpretation of what is important. They may have left something out of the notes because they know it inherently or didn’t think it was important. The syllabus is taken from the standard texts. We recommend that all potential candidates make their own notes from the recommended texts, and don’t use others’ notes.

With regard to the refresher courses, please let me remind you again that these are not peer reviewed, and they by no means represent the final word on a topic. They are useful as a guide to what people feel is important, but once again, the recommended approach is to use the textbooks as the primary source of your notes.

If this sounds like preaching, I apologise. But it came out strongly at the meeting and I thought that you should be made aware.


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