Correction tuts this week.

Quick note to let you all know that the tut tomorrow is on PORPHYRIA and not on anaemia. My bad. My apologies.


Week 19-23 Dec

This will be the last week of tutorials before the new year.
We have one scheduled and one makeup tut.

On Monday, Dr Anisa Bhettay will cover anaemia. 17:00 CMJAH
on tuesday, Dr Maraschin will do obesity and anti obesity agents, also at 17:00 at CMJAH.

The week after will be a week of rest…. Tuts will start again on 3jan.


Hi all


Apologies for this, but today’s tut has been postponed to next week MONDAY (with Dr Bhettay)

Please spread the word.

Tutorials week 12-16 December 2011

Hi guys.

Tuts this week as follows….


Tuesday – Dr Bhettay – Pharmacogenetics and Porphyria (CMJAH)


Thursday 15 December- Dr Ngwenya – Anaemia


Hi all. This is a quick note to let you know that I have not forgotten about the stats notes, but I have been swamped with a part II tut and a talk I have to give at the cardiac m and m. Once this is sorted out, normal service will resume.

Apologies for any of you who have been holding your breath and sitting on the edges of your seats waiting for the next installment…


Questions – Week 5 Dec

I am going to try and focus these questions on the weekly topics, but this week there is only intermediate metabolism. So lets start with a few MCQs


The following are examples of active transport:

a) sodium extrusion from cells
b) water reabsorption from the proximal convoluted tubule
c) potassium excretion in the distal convoluted tubule
d) glucose absorption from the gut
c) water reabsorption in the loop of Henle


Hypoglycaemia may result from:

a) excessive insulin secretion
b) alpha-adrenergic stimulation
c) beta-adrenergic stimulation
d) glucagon secretion
e) hypothermia


Quick and easy? Then try these…


1. Discuss how the PaO2 is influenced by PaCO2 (20)

2. Discuss the different types of interactions that exist between drugs. (25)

3.Discuss the ECG with reference to the following

  • basic functioning of the ECG machine
  • amplification and gain
  • Factors determining the quality of the trace recorded
  • the role and minimisation of interference (50)

Tutorial Week 5-9 December

Hi All.

With Christmas around the corner we are winding down for the year. Still, there is one tut this week, which will be on Tuesday at CMJAH.

The topic is Indeterminate  Intermediate Metabolism and it will be done by Dr Ahmad Alli.

Questions to follow..