Mock questions – 30 Jan 2012

WhupassRight. Quick and dirty.


Write short notes on the mixed venous oxygen saturation. Mention how (and why ) it differs from central venous saturation. Mention also all the information which can be obtained by sampling mixed venous saturations (20)



Write notes on the use of antihistamines to prevent gastric ulceration. (15)



Discuss ThromboElastography with reference too

a – Physical principle involved and “how it works”

b – indications

c- cautions

d- produce a graph replicating the output of your chosen monitor and annotate it



Tutorial week 30-3 Feb

So last week was the first week at the CMSA for tutorials. I stuck my head in at one point and was pleased to see a large number of attendees at the tut. I’m pretty thankful for this. Of course, now I am going to ruin all that goodwill by canceling Wednesday’s tut. There was only scheduled to be one tut – Dr Parbhoo on geriatric physiology. Unfortunately he is still in India on leave and I am not in a position to do his tut (mainly because he gives an EXCELLENT tutorial on the aged physiological organism)


I did consider bringing the tut on membrane physiology up to Wednesday, but nobody has volunteered to give that tut as yet, and I do not have the time to prepare for it by Wednesday. So, to cut a long story short, no tut this week.

Normal service should resume next week.

In the meantime, some admin issues.

Firstly, I have had some queries about how to view the roster. If you look at the top of the screen, under where it says FCA ONE, there is a link to “program”. This opens another page and you can simply click on the link on the page.

Secondly, wrt to questions. Whenever we post a topic with questions, we will categorise it “exam prep”. If you scroll down on the left of the page there is a column called, you guessed it, Categories. Click on the exam prep and you should have some questions. I will try to post questions in separate posts so nobody hurts their little fingers on their mouse wheels.


Once again, apologies for the b&lls up with the roster this week.



Update on tomorrow

Hi guys…..

Tomorrows tut on antihistamines will be followed by my tut on chemo therapeutic agents…

See you tomorrow


Tutorials – Week 23-27 Jan 2012

Hi Guys.

This week marks the first week of the new schedule. However, there will be a period of transition, in that some of the tuts that have been scheduled will not be able to be done on the Wednesday. This week is a case in point.

Thus, the week will look as follows.


Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be Dr Clover Lee on Neutraceuticals and homeopathic agents. (at CMJAH)

Wednesday will be Dr Paul Marsden on Antihistamines at the college following the meeting.


I will try to put some questions together today at some point.



Stats 8 – Probability and odds

Here you go. I decided to leave ANOVA and some of the complicated analysis of variables as I don’t think they are so important. Will carry on on this track for the moment….


8 Probability and Odds

Tutorials week 16 jan 2012

Hi all.

This week there are some changes to the published roster.
This is to make up for the debacle on Wednesday last week. I am sorry if anyone was inconvenienced. Matters beyond my control. It appears there may have been a communication breakdown. Anyhoo….

This week Dr Ngwenya will give two tuts. These have been confirmed with him today.
The first will be on Tuesday and will be on antibiotics
The second will be on Wednesday and will be the tut that was not given last week, ie immunity.

Both will be done at 17:00 at CMJAH
have a good week…..

Questions for week 16 jan 2011

Questions for the week…

Write notes on cardiac reflexes. Be sure to include the sufferer, efferent pathways and the effects on the circulation. (75)

Write short notes on structure-activity relationships, with special reference to drugs commonly used in day to day anaesthesia practice. (50)

Discuss the physical principles behind ultrasound with special reference to echocardiography. (50)
Include mechanisms for calculation of cardiac output and valve areas.


Week 9 jan 2012


This weeks tuts are as follows

Wednesday will be immunity and anaphylaxis by dr Ngwenya at 17h00 at CMJAH
Thursday will be coagulation physiology by dr Bhettay at 17h00 also at CMJAH

Just a reminder of the new tut roster which can be viewed at
To incorporate the new Wednesday tuts from 3pm to 5pm… Since this is considered working hours tut attendance will be compulsory. We will keep you up to date on changes…

Have a good week


Link to teaching program


Just a quick note to let you know that I have placed a link to the document containing the tut schedule on the website. Click on the link along the top of the page which says “program”

Hope this helps

Today’s tut with Liam

Today’s tut with Liam will be at BARA at 17h00