Tutorial week 30-3 Feb

So last week was the first week at the CMSA for tutorials. I stuck my head in at one point and was pleased to see a large number of attendees at the tut. I’m pretty thankful for this. Of course, now I am going to ruin all that goodwill by canceling Wednesday’s tut. There was only scheduled to be one tut – Dr Parbhoo on geriatric physiology. Unfortunately he is still in India on leave and I am not in a position to do his tut (mainly because he gives an EXCELLENT tutorial on the aged physiological organism)


I did consider bringing the tut on membrane physiology up to Wednesday, but nobody has volunteered to give that tut as yet, and I do not have the time to prepare for it by Wednesday. So, to cut a long story short, no tut this week.

Normal service should resume next week.

In the meantime, some admin issues.

Firstly, I have had some queries about how to view the roster. If you look at the top of the screen, under where it says FCA ONE, there is a link to “program”. This opens another page and you can simply click on the link on the page.

Secondly, wrt to questions. Whenever we post a topic with questions, we will categorise it “exam prep”. If you scroll down on the left of the page there is a column called, you guessed it, Categories. Click on the exam prep and you should have some questions. I will try to post questions in separate posts so nobody hurts their little fingers on their mouse wheels.


Once again, apologies for the b&lls up with the roster this week.




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