Clarification – tuts 29 Feb 2012

Hi all.

There appears to be some confusion about the tuts tomorrow. There will be TWO tuts.

Immediately after the meeting – Dr Marsden – PK/TIVA/TCI

To follow that at 16h00 – Dr Correira – Lung Anatomy.

Thank you.




Incidence and Prevalence

Latest installment.





Mock questions – 26 Feb 2012

Quick and focused today. Remember that you will get best mileage from these if you simply PLAN your answer. You don’t have to write it out completely…


  • write short notes on the production and maintenance of the resting membrane potential. (20)
  • list the changes occurring in the cell membrane during depolarisation and repolarisation (30)


  • Describe zero and first order kinetics. Use tables and diagrams if you wish (15)
  • Discuss volume of distribution and how it influences drug potency (10)
  • List the precautions which must be taken to ensure safe TIVA/TCI (20)


  • Write notes on Near infrared Spectroscopy (10)
  • Discuss MRI safety (20)
That’s it. Have fun!

Week 27/2 – 3/3 – tutorials



Tuts this week as follows…..

All on Wednesday at the CMSA.

First up, Dr Marsden on PK/TIVA/TCI then Dr Correia on Lung Anatomy.

Please understand that the pharm topic is huge, and we only have allocated an hour. This means that you will in all likelihood be lost if you do not do some reading before. This will be a feature of all the tutorials in future as we cannot stay late at the college. This means that tuts will have to be lean and mean, i.e not all the information will necessarily be presented. There is an expectation we, as conveners of the teaching program, have of the tutors that they will present what they feel is important. This will not always be the full topic.

I trust you understand…..

Mock questions coming in a followup post.



Next week (20-25 February 2012)

Greetings boys and girls

Next week is going to be all physics:

Tuesday will be Dr Blackburn at the Charlotte at 17h00 on transducers and damping

Wednesday will be me doing the MRI tut I could not make last week at Charlotte at 16h00

I will post questions later this weekend….



Today’s tut

Hi guys

I’m afraid I’m going to have to postpone my tut to next week…. Stuck in theatre.
Many many apologies…. Please spread the word….


Tomorrow’s tut

Tomorrow’s tut on MRI, Laser and Fire will be at CMJAH at 16h30

🙂 dave

Update on week 13 Feb

Hi guys, I will give the rut on MRI, laser and fire on Wednesday please. I can do the tut at either venue so please let me know which would suit you. There is no academic meeting on wednesday so we could start sooner…. Once again let me know what time you think is ok…. Venue and time will be announced tomorrow.
Have a good week


Tutorials, week 13 February 2012

Hi all.
Hopefully normal service will resume next week, with 2 tutorials on offer.
Tuesday is Dr Janine Wagner – Fire/ LASER/MRI at CHBH 17:00 (unless any venue change)
Thursday is Dr Mehboub Khalpey – electrical safety in theatre 17:00 at the Good Charlotte hospital.

Questions to follow. Great thing about school AGMs is that one can be reasonably productive during them while still looking interested. 🙂

Mock Questions – week starting 13 February.

It’s Valentines Week so we’ll concentrate on the kidneys heart.

1. Write notes on the following cardiac active agents – (A)phosphodiesterase3 inhibitors, (B) levosimendan, (C)dobutamine. Compare and contrast their effects, mechanisms of action etc.

1. Write notes on ventricular interdependence
2. Write notes on factors affecting coronary perfusion.

1. Give two methods whereby cardiac output can be calculated using the pulmonary artery catheter? Describe the techniques involved and the calculations.
2. Write notes on the factors which may affect the quality of the ECG trace displayed on the anaesthesia monitor.

Enjoy. Please try to answer them, it will be beneficial to your prep. Don’t write the answers in full. Simply make short point form notes, and if you are really pushed for time, write a brief plan for the answer. Feel free to approach any of those involved in part I teaching – myself, David Wels, Lliam Brannigan, Howard Radford, etc etc.