Mock Questions – week starting 13 February.

It’s Valentines Week so we’ll concentrate on the kidneys heart.

1. Write notes on the following cardiac active agents – (A)phosphodiesterase3 inhibitors, (B) levosimendan, (C)dobutamine. Compare and contrast their effects, mechanisms of action etc.

1. Write notes on ventricular interdependence
2. Write notes on factors affecting coronary perfusion.

1. Give two methods whereby cardiac output can be calculated using the pulmonary artery catheter? Describe the techniques involved and the calculations.
2. Write notes on the factors which may affect the quality of the ECG trace displayed on the anaesthesia monitor.

Enjoy. Please try to answer them, it will be beneficial to your prep. Don’t write the answers in full. Simply make short point form notes, and if you are really pushed for time, write a brief plan for the answer. Feel free to approach any of those involved in part I teaching – myself, David Wels, Lliam Brannigan, Howard Radford, etc etc.


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