Week 27/2 – 3/3 – tutorials



Tuts this week as follows…..

All on Wednesday at the CMSA.

First up, Dr Marsden on PK/TIVA/TCI then Dr Correia on Lung Anatomy.

Please understand that the pharm topic is huge, and we only have allocated an hour. This means that you will in all likelihood be lost if you do not do some reading before. This will be a feature of all the tutorials in future as we cannot stay late at the college. This means that tuts will have to be lean and mean, i.e not all the information will necessarily be presented. There is an expectation we, as conveners of the teaching program, have of the tutors that they will present what they feel is important. This will not always be the full topic.

I trust you understand…..

Mock questions coming in a followup post.




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