Good luck……

Morning all

Just a quick note to confirm that there are no tuts his week. The reason for this is that it is exam week!

Which means that all that remains is to wish those writing all the best of luck. Remember to stay calm, write carefully (and neatly) and to rest. Do not underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep between the exams. It is unlikely that you will learn any more by staying up to all hours on the night before the quiz.



Correction (sorry Dave) – This week

Hi. Apologies for this, but Dr Nam’s tut tomorrow (20 Mar) will not be happening. To be rescheduled in a few weeks.

Sorry Dave for not letting you know earlier.

19 march 2012

Tuts for this week are as follows

Gas analysis by Dr Nam at CMJAH at 17h00 on Tuesday 20 march

Gas laws by Dr Knights at CMJAH at 17h00 on Thursday 22 March

Tut attendance has been TERRIBLE!!!! I understand that exams are next week but there are plenty of you who are not writing…. Even attendance at the combined wednesday meeting which is considered compulsory was shocking!!!! A reminder that a lot of effort goes into preparing tuts…. Please respect them….

Good luck with the studies for those writing.


Belated – 12-16 March 2012

Hi all. Apologies for the lateness of this.

Tuts this week –

  • Dr Jed Starkowitz – Tuesday 17h00 CMJAH – Lung Physiology
  • Dr Ilan Stein – Thursday 17h00 CMJAH – Circuits and low flow anaesthesia


Questions later, once things have settled down here a bit.



Week beginning 5 march 2012

The tutorial will be held on Wednesday at DGMC in the lecture hall at 18 Eton place.
The first tut is on pharmacodynamics with Dr. Linesh Rhedi. The tut to follow is on lung volume measurement by Dr Thenjiwe Gukuta previously known as Hlongwane.
Good luck to those studying now in this the last stretch. If you guys need advice etc please let Dr Blackburn or I know.
I have had a request for revision, but this becomes increasingly difficult each time as everyone has different areas in which they struggle… So maybe an afternoon on exam technique and preparation is more appropriate. I will chat to mike and get back to you.

Have a productive week…