Update – tutorial program

Pursuant to today’s meeting with Prof Lundgren, the registrars and the coordinators of the teaching program, there will be some changes to how we do things.
First things first – Dr Radford has agreed to do his tut at 17:00 at CMJAH on Friday. The tut will be the one that should have happened last week.

Secondly, I will peruse the tutorial program and make the day changes we discussed today. Those being that there will be (as far as possible) one tutorial on Wednesday and one on either Tuesday or Thursday (tutor dependant). Obviously from time to time there will be Friday tutorials to accommodate those tutors who are only available on Fridays.

Thirdly, and not to put to fine a point on this.. You all know how to get hold of myself or Dr Wels. I was deadly serious in the meeting today when I said that I want feedback. I am not quite sure how to convince people that there will be no victimisation and no prejudice against people who give constructive and honest feedback. Help us to help you pass. My door is always open so please chat to me or Dr Brannigan or Dr Wels if you have concerns. Our aim is to get you through this rite of passage with as little pain and suffering as possible.

I will start to post questions again tomorrow. Please avail yourselves of the opportunity to get us to look at your answers, if for no other reason than to practice.




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