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Strongs for exams this week….
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Dave and Mike


Update week 20 Aug

Hi all

Quick confirmation.

Dr Marsden to do Temp regulation Thursday 17h00

Dr Morgan to do CBF FRIDAY 17h00





Well this is embarrassing

I must apologise for the post last night. This happens occasionally because I set up the roster for teaching a year in advance, and occasionally the college swaps the exams around. So as you all know the FCA I exams are next week and not this week. I am in the process of trying to swap next weeks tuts to this week.
Dr Marsden will do on Thursday temp regulation at 17:00 at CMJAH.
I am waiting to hear back from Dr Morgan as t whether she can do the cerebral blood flow tut tomorrow or Wednesday.

Apologies for any confusion

Good Luck

Hi guys.

Just a quick note to wish those of you writing this week all the very best.

This is going to be a very tough week. Please remember to sleep! You will gain nothing by staying up cramming until ungodly hours. You have done the work already. Give yourselves the best chance of regurgitating what is needed.


Please write as neatly as you can, write as MUCH as you can think of (but not junk 🙂 ). Think about what is being asked.

Most of all, GOOD LUCK. You shouldn’t need it. But a little bit of luck never hurt anyone.



Week 13 August

Tut on wednesday after the combined meeting at 15h00 on autonomic nervous system.
Neurotransmitters will be done by dr Dube at bara on Thursday at 5.

I know it’s a week before exams but please attend the tuts, see them as revision for your work.



1. Describe the sympathetic nervous system under following headings
A.) origin in CNS
B.) sympathetic chain and ganglia involved
C.) for which conditions is a stellate ganglion performed
D.) adrenal involvement in sympathetic nervous system
E.) why is sweating controlled by sympathetic nervous system yet atropine inhibits it ( so called “atropine fever” in a cholinergic crisis.
F.) drop in blood pressure after a spinal anaesthesia and briefly list the causes of cardiac arrest after spinal anaesthesia


Discuss dobutamine under following headings
1. Which receptor does it work on
2. Class of drug
3. Effect on heart rate and blood pressure and mechanisms thereof
4. Dose


What is the gold standard for BP measurement?
How does a NIBP apparatus work?
Is BP reading on the leg same as on the upper arm?
List requirements for an adequate NIBP cuff and describe the errors obtained by too small or too large cuffs.

Sorry had to make it a little tough this week!

Study hard!


Week 6 August 2012


Next week will be one tut on muscle relaxants with dr Sheldon after the combined
Meeting on Wednesday.

I will do the the tut on neurotransmitters and the autonomic nervous system the following week.

Questions for this week…


1. Discuss the regulation of rate of breathing.
2. Discuss the control of the muscle tone in the bronchus.


1. Discuss using physical principles and equations why wheezes are audible. 🙂


1. Which drugs are used as bronchodilators and describe their mechanisms
2. Why is atropine not used in bronchospasm although it is a bronchodilator?
3. what is the role of corticosteroids in bronchospasm.

Good luck to those studying… And thank you to those who submitted answers for the immunology question.



Neuromuscular Junction review article


I found this article to be quite useful and I feel it is of sufficient standard for the FCA I exam.

It is from the BJA

Fagerlund et al, Current Concepts in Neuromuscular Transmission BJA 103(1):108-114

Here is the link. [Clickety Click]

Have a nice day.



quick note

just a quick note to say that I have edited my answer to the venturi question.