Week 13 August

Tut on wednesday after the combined meeting at 15h00 on autonomic nervous system.
Neurotransmitters will be done by dr Dube at bara on Thursday at 5.

I know it’s a week before exams but please attend the tuts, see them as revision for your work.



1. Describe the sympathetic nervous system under following headings
A.) origin in CNS
B.) sympathetic chain and ganglia involved
C.) for which conditions is a stellate ganglion performed
D.) adrenal involvement in sympathetic nervous system
E.) why is sweating controlled by sympathetic nervous system yet atropine inhibits it ( so called “atropine fever” in a cholinergic crisis.
F.) drop in blood pressure after a spinal anaesthesia and briefly list the causes of cardiac arrest after spinal anaesthesia


Discuss dobutamine under following headings
1. Which receptor does it work on
2. Class of drug
3. Effect on heart rate and blood pressure and mechanisms thereof
4. Dose


What is the gold standard for BP measurement?
How does a NIBP apparatus work?
Is BP reading on the leg same as on the upper arm?
List requirements for an adequate NIBP cuff and describe the errors obtained by too small or too large cuffs.

Sorry had to make it a little tough this week!

Study hard!



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