Exam results

Good morning all.

A quick request, if I may.

The provisional results were published yesterday and are available on the CMSA website. Unfortunately (for me) they are only published by number.

If you feel comfortable please could you let me know if you passed and which exams?

Drop me a mail at jhb.anaesthetist(at)gmail.com.


No pressure, I am merely interested in how people have done – also I’d like to congratulate those who have passed in person!

Have a great weekend.





Sorry a little late but here they are….


Discuss pharmacogenics in anaesthetic drugs and provide examples.


A patient on table has a pH of 7.15 on arterial blood gas….
How do you classify acidosis?
Discuss physiological buffer systems.


How is pH measured on the blood gas machine?

Have a lovely weekend…


Tutorials week 1-5 October 2012

Hi all. A quick note about next week’s tutorials.
Tuesday will be Dr Lee on LA pharmacology at CMJAH 17:00. NB not Thursday as previously advertised.

Wednesday will be prof Frohlich on pain physiology. This will be after the Wed meeting.

Mock questions to follow at some point.

Thanks. Mike

Mock Questions – 24 Sept 2012

We’ve been a little remiss in the mock question department of late. Have a look at these. Initially I’d suggest that you merely try to plan an answer rather than writing a whole essay.



– List various methods of determining cardiac output. Give advantages and disadvantages of each. (20)



– Write notes on the structure-activity relationship of Non-depolarising Muscle relaxants (15)



– Describe in detail the counter-current concentration mechanism used in the production of urine. (20)


Have fun…

Tutorial Info – Week 24 Sept



A quick note about the tutorials this week.

There will be only one tutorial this week and that will be given by Dr Jed Starkowitz on THURSDAY – This will cover Volatile Agents


Next week’s tutorials will consist of

Prof Frohlich – Wed 3/10 – Pain Physiology (DGMC)

Dr C Lee – Thursday 4/10 – LA pharmacology (CMJAH)




Tutorials week 17-21

Hi guys


A quick reminder about the tutorials this week.

Wednesday (tomorrow – depending on your timezone) – Bolon – CMJAH 17h00 – Drugs of Abuse

Thursday – Morgan – CMJAH – Induction Agents


We will resume the mock questions next week.

Tutorials – September

Morning all.

With the exams done the focus turns once again to the tutorials.

I have spent the morning on the phone and I have attempted to confirm all the tuts for this month. They will be as follows (provisionally at the moment)


Week 1

  • Wednesday – Eton Rd – Bolon – Cerebral Monitoring
  • Thursday – CMJAH (17h00) – Sheldon – Antidepressants

Week 2

  • Wednesday (12th) – Eton Rd – Bolon – Drugs of Abuse

Week 3

  • Wed (19) – Eton Rd – Khalpey – Vaporisers
  • Thursday (20) – CMJAH – Morgan  – Induction agents

Week 4

  • Lee – Local Anaesthetics
  • Starkowitz – Volatiles (Days TBC)


Have a good week.