FCA I program Week 26/Nov/2012

Hi guys.

This week the teaching progam takes a back seat to the MMed Part I.

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all those writing the very best of luck. I hope it goes really well and that you feel adequately prepared.

There will be one tutorial this week and that will be on Thursday the 29th at HELEN JOSEPH HOSPITAL – Dr Poorun will give the tutorial on Anaemia.


Have a good week.



Dr Eagar’s tutorial – 21 November 2012

I am told that two people attended dr Eagar’s tutorial this afternoon.
This is completely unacceptable guys. Please understand this. Tutors (for the most part) put a lot of effort and time into preparing for these tuts.

Additionally, and this may come as a surprise to you all, we as consultants get absolutely no financial compensation for doing tutorials. They fall broadly into our job description, but the province pays our salary and the province does not care if we give tuts or not. The point is that tutors give FREELY of their time and energy. When two people pitch up for the tut, that energy is wasted.

If I was Dr Eagar, I’d feel completely justified in refusing to do any more part I teaching. I know that the exam is next week, but that is no excuse whatsoever for the vast majority of people not attending. I am going to report the poor attendance to the HODs at all three sites, and they can do with the information as they see fit.

Remember that the tutorials were moved to Wednesday to facilitate attendance. Not so that you would get an early afternoon. To not attend is tremendously disrespectful. It also makes it very difficult to go the extra mile to help people pass the FCA I when there does not appear to be the commitment expressed.

I trust this is an isolated incident and that attendance will improve.

Tutorials – Week of 19 November

Hi all

The end of the year is approaching fast.

Tutorials this week are as follows.

1. Dr Mark Eagar Р18 Eton Rd, Wednesday 21. РHepatic Physiology and Indeterminate Intermediate metabolism

2. Dr. Brigitte Madlener – CMAJH THURSDAY (note date change) 22 Nov – 17h00 – Alcohol and Toxins


Have a good week and good luck to all those attempting the MMed Part I next week.



Tutorials week of 12 November

Hi guys


Just one tutorial this week – Dr G De Wet – on Thursday at 17h00 – Non PONV GIT drugs.





Sorry for late notification

I will give tut on Wed at 17h00 (or we can do it at 16h00 if u like) at cmjah on steroids and NSAIDs.
Dr Jaches will give tut on anti emetics on Thursday at cmjah at 17h00.

Both topics are examined frequently in the part 1 and 2.