Correction – Tutorials week 28 Jan

Hi all

Please note that Dr A Alli will do his tutorial on intermediate metabolism on Wednesday 30 Jan (i.e tomorrow) at 16h00 at CMJAH. Please spread the word.

there will be no other tutorials this week but next week will be catchup time. I appreciate your understanding.



Tuts week 28 jan

Unfortunately no tuts this week.
Next week is as follows:
Monday: dr lee on pharm dynamics
Wednesday dr Hadjimichael tiva
Thursday dr Wels pharmkinetics



Tut postponed today 24/1

Hi all
Due to an emergency dr Alli is unable to give his tutorial today. It will be rescheduled. Apologies for the late notice.

Resources from tut with Dr Bolon

Hi all.

Dr Bolon has asked me to share these with you.

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I will keep these up until the weekend wherafter I’ll pull em.




Venue change


Please note change of venue for Dr Bolon’s tut on Wednesday.

It will be held at CMJAH, (he is covering 467) so please make your way from Eton rd to CMJAH and when you have assembled please give him a call.




URGENT! Tutorial venue change

Hi all

a quick and urgent note to let you know that the tutorial to be given by Dr Kleyenstuber today (17 JAN) will be at HELEN JOSEPH HOSPITAL (in the Pain clinic) at 17h00 and NOT CMJAH as previously advertised.


Please spread the word to your colleagues.



Tutorial reminders – week 21 Jan 2013

A quick reminder about the tutorial plan for next week.
Two tuts on the menu.
Wednesday 23 Jan – Dr Bolon – 18 eton rd – homeopathic medications
Thursday 24 Jan – dr A Alli – CMJAH – indeterminate intermediate metabolism

Have a good week.

Tutorials this week 14 jan

Tuesday Dr Blackburn on antihistamines at cmjah at 17h00
Wednesday Dr De Wet on ageing after dgmc meeting
Thursday Dr Kleynstuber on cell structure and genetics also at cmjah

Busy week…. But important topics



Tutorials, week 14 Jan 2913


A busy week next week to make up for all the false starts in the first two weeks. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

Ok here goes.
1. Tuesday – 17:00 CMJAH – Blackburn – antihistamines
2. Wednesday – after meeting – De Wet – physiology of ageing
3. Thursday – 17:00 – HJH – Kleyenstuber – cell structure and basic function

Have a good weekend. Mike

Tutorial postponed

Hi guys

Please crept y apologies but I cannot give my tut on antihistamines tomorrow due to matters beyond my control.

I would like to give it on Tuesday 15 instead. Will post the schedule for next week in a few minutes.