Tutorials – Week of 11 Feb 2013

Hi all.

Trust you had a good weekend. first up, some news.

The very bright Dr Marianna Hadjimichael will be taking over from Dr David Wels as the FCA I Liaison person at CHBAH. She will be ably assisted by Dr Dylan Hepburn, so please feel free to discuss any FCA I related issues with them. Likewise, my door (and inbox) remain open for any input or crises etc.

People, we are here to help you get through this exam. I hope that we will provide more than a tutorial service…

As regards tutorials, I am investigating the possibility of (a) doing some kind of online, anonymous tutorial feedback, details to follow. (B) I am also thinking about moving this site onto our new joburganaesthesia.co.za website, but there are a number of logistical issues to deal with first.


A point I wish to convey to you all. I appreciate that occasionally tutorials are cancelled at short notice and at some inconvenience to yourselves. I apologise for this, but life gets in the way occasionally. It was decided at the last management meeting that we should require Due Performance certificates for individuals wishing to write the MMed Part I exam which will be offered again this year. It was decided that a minimum attendance of 60% of tutorials be met prior to being allowed to write the MMed Part I. So I apologise, but attendance registers will have to be taken at all tutorials from now on.


Right, now for the week’s program

WEDNESDAY – Dr Khalpey – Electrical safety to follow the combined meeting at 18 Eton Rd

THURSDAY – Yours truly – Extreme Physics – MRI, Lasers, Fire etc.


Please make every effort to attend.


Have a rocking week.




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