Tutorials- 3 April

Hi guys,
There will be no tuts this week as it is exam week. To all those writing we wish you the best of luck!


Tutorial changes

Hi guys,
This week’s tuts have been swopped around.  Olie will give his tut on Wednesday and Paul will give his tut on Thursday.

Tutorials for week of 24 March

Hi guys,

This week’s tuts are as follows:

Wednesday – Gas laws, pressure and flow – Dr Marsden @ CMJAH 16:00

Thursday- Measurements of lung volumes- Dr Smith @ CMJAH 17:00

Have a great long weekend and good Easter!

Marianna and Dylan

Tuts for week of 18 March

Hi guys, this week’s tutorials are as follows:

19 March- drugs used in reactive airways disease by Dr Hepburn @Bara 17:00

20 March- volatile agents by Dr Starkowitz @CMJAH 16:00

If any one is would like us to go through past paper answer, please feel free to bring us your answers and we wi

ll mark them and give you back some feedback.

Have a great week!


Date change – tutorials week 11-15 Mar

sorry guys – a quick request to change the date of Wednesday’s tutorial with Dr Knights to THURSDAY. So it will be Thursday at CMJAH at 17h00.




Tutorials this week (11-15Mar)

Apologies for the late message this week.

Two tuts –

WED – Dr Knights (CMJAH) on altitude and its effect on anaesthetic equipment

FRI – Dr Lee (CMJAH) on Hypoxia and resp failure.




Tutorials- week of 4 march

Hi guys,

This week’s tuts are as follows:

Tue 5 march – Dr A Moodley- O2 and CO2 flux- CMJAH 17h00

Wed 6 march – Dr K Purbhoo- pulmonary circulation – HJH 16h30

Thurs 7 march – Dr D Hepburn- non- respiratory pulmonary function- Bara 17h00

If any one needs any help or has any
suggestions on how to improve the program please let myself,  Dylan or Mike know.  We are really keen to help.

Have a great week!