Tutorials, week 29 April

Lets try that again
Thursday tutorial, Dr Brannigan. Anti arrhythmia agents 17:00 at CMJAH



Today’s tutorial

Hi guys,  unfortunately Ollie cannot give his tut this afternoon.  He will reschedule for next week some time. Please spread the word. Marianna

Extra tutorials

Hi guys, Prof Oosthuizen will start giving extra physiology tuts on Thursday next week@ 6:30 at CMJAH. Prof Milner will give her next pharm tut on ANS drugs on the 15 May. If the guys at the other hospitals are doubled up on a list that day please try attend as list at bara start at 7.30. Let me know how the traffic is getting back. The tuts are supplementary but making the extra effort to attend will pay off! Marianna:-)


Hi guys,
Dr Smith will have his tut at 16.30 at CMJAH on wed. If the guys from the other hospital are struggling to get there just let him know and he will wait till 17:00 before starting.

Tutorials-22 April

Hi guys here is this weeks tut schedule:
Mon 22 by Dr Kleyenstruber on cardiac anatomy and coronaries @hjh – 17:00

Wed 24 by Dr Smith on pulse oximetry and capnography@ CMJAH

Can one of the cmj guys confirm with Ollie what time his tut will be.


tutorials – week of 22 April 2013


tutorials this week are as follows


MONDAY!  – Dr T Kleyenstuber – Cardiac anatomy and coronary perfusion (HJH) 17h00

Wednesday  – Dr O smith – Pulse oximetry and capnography (these topics are traditionally very poorly answered in exams – it would be well worth your while attending)



Have a good week.



Humidity Notes

Hi guys

following a request at my tut on Thursday, herewith the notes I was using. They are by no means exhaustive, but should provide some spots to hang some information on.

They can be accessed here


Let me know if there are any issues.



Date change – tomorrow’s tutorial

Hi guys. Could I please move my tutorial to Thursday 17:00 instead of tomorrow?
17:00 at CMJAH.

Tutorials, week of 15 April 2013


Only one tutorial next week. It will be on humidification and filters/HMEs and will be done by yours truly on Wednesday. I presume it is a combined meeting so we’ll follow the meeting with the tut at 18 Eton.


The supplemental pharm tuts by Prof Milner will continue next week – 06:30 at CMJAH on Tuesday – Local Anaesthetics.

Please note that these tutorials are supplemental to the established program and are not designed to be exclusionary. However, they can only be given in the mornings and obviously this will limit who can attend.

From the week after next Prof Oosthuizen will be giving extra physiology tuts on Thursday mornings at 06:30 at CMJAH. Soon we hope to add supplemental physics tuts too.


Have a good week.



Supplemental pharmacology tutorials


Professor Analee Milner has kindly offered to give an extra pharmacology tutorial tomorrow (9 April) at the great and wonderful good charlotte hospital.
The tutorial will be at zero six fifteen. Yes, 06:15 and will finish before the morning meeting at 07:00.

Whether or not these continue will depend on the support expressed.