Tutorials for week of 5 August

Hi guys,

I apologise to all those who went to Mikes cancelled tut on monday. I was at the cardiac congress and for some reason my message did not go through. I will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Here are next weeks tutorials:

Tue 6: IV Induction Agents – Dr B Van Wyk, CHBAH 17:00
Wed 7: Sleep and consciousness – Dr G Nobbs, after the combined meeting
Thurs 8: Antidepressants and antipsychotics – Dr E Semenya, HJH 17:00

I heard that only 1 person made it to the tut on Thursday! This is very unfair to the person who took the time to prepare for that topic. Next time please let the tutor know if you will not be attending the tut. And once again if you have any problems with the programme please let myself or Johannes know.

We are in the process of restructuring the programme for the next rotation. It is a lot of hard work to find dedicated tut givers and restructure the programme. Let us know if there are any improvements you would like us to make.

Have a great week,


2 Responses to Tutorials for week of 5 August

  1. lebogang matsane says:

    bara tut’s are impossible to get into, especially if coming from joburg gen, our lists runs until late, M1 is fully packed & impossible to make it in time? consider cancelling bara tut’s.

    • I do understand and see your point. Unfortunately with such a shortage of CMJAH consultants if we cancel Bara tutorials, there will no longer be a program as the Bara consultants have now taken on the majority of the tutorials. I can try ask the consultants living near the gen to move their tuts there. If every one from the gen is running late another option is to ask the consultant to start there tut a little later?

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