Tutorials for week of 2 September

Hi guys,

Here are this week’s tuts.

Wed 4: Pain pharmacology by Dr S Chetty after the meeting at DGMC

Thurs 5: Temperature by Dr P Marsden at CMJAH@ 17:00

Please can one of you guys confirm with the tutors on the day of the tut. Especially with the ones coming from private practice as they may be running late with their list.

The next exciting announcement is that Prof Milner will be starting her new pharm program mid Sept with a selected group of dedicated tutors. This means there will be a pharm tut every Thursday at 17:00. The program will run over a year. So anyone who plans on  writing in  the next year should start attending. I will put a copy of the pharm tuts up in the departments once I get back from leave.

Have a great week,


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