Tutorials for 18 to 30 November 2013

Hi guys, Here are the tuts for the next 2 weeks: Wed 20: Liver Function Testing by Dr Vlok at CMJAH 16:30 Thurs 21: Smooth Muscle Agents (Part 1) by Prof Milner at CMJAH 17:00 to be followed by Breathing and Scavenging Systems by Dr J Kay Wed 27: Components of blood followed by Ventilators, ventilator graphics and effects of alt both by Dr Hepburn at CHBAH 16:30 Thurs 28: Premedication by Prof Milner at CMJAH 17:00 Please can one of you guys contact me so that I can give you Dr Kays number. He is taking the time to come out from private to help us improve the teaching program so please make an effort to attend. Have a great week, Marianna


Tutorial postponed!

Hi guys,
Dr Syed will be giving his tut on pharmacogenetics (not pK as previously stated) on Fri at 17:00 at CMJAH. Please spread the word.

Tutorials for week of 4 Nov 2013

Hi guys,

Here are the tuts for the next 2 weeks:

Wed 6 Nov: Gas laws, critical temp and viscosity by Dr T Jackson at DGMC (after Prof Lundgrens talk with all the regs) to be followed by Liver Physiology by Dr van Wyk

Thurs 7 Nov: Analgesics (Part 1) acute pain by Prof Milner at CMJAH 17:00

Wed 13 Nov: Nutrition by Dr Rymer at CMJAH 16:30 followed by Gas manufacturing and supply by Dr Vlok

Thurs 14 Nov:  Pharmacokinetics by Dr Syed at CMJAH 17:00

Have a good weekend