Tutorial programme February 2014

Hi guys

Here is February’s programme:

TUES 4:  Hypoxia and respiratory failure – Dr DU PREEZ, CHBAH 17:00
WED 5:  Low flow anaesthesia – Dr JACKSON, CMJAH (after the combined meeting)
THURS 6:  Neuromuscular blocking agents – Dr WELCH, CMJAH 17:00

TUES 11:  Regulation of respiration – Dr DIESEL, CMJAH 17:00
WED 12:  Humidification/filters – Dr VLOK, CMJAH 16:30
THURS 13:  Antineoplastic agents – Dr SYED, CMJAH 17:00

TUES 18:  Cardiac anatomy and coronaries – Dr KASSIRAM, CMJAH 17:00
WED 19: Coagulation and fluids – Prof MILNER, CMJAH 16:30
THURS 20: Toxicology –  Dr GILLILAND, CHBAH 17:00

TUES 25:  Cardiac conduction – Dr DU PREEZ, CHBAH 17:00
WED 26:  To be confirmed

Starting February, attendance will be recorded. Just a reminder: please confirm time/venue with the consultant on the day of the tut. Apologies for the mishap with the ARV tut – it has been rescheduled. Inform us of problems – earlier rather than later.

Keep the academic ball rolling!



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