Tutorials for week of 4 February 2014

Hi guys, Firstly I’d like to apologise for the misunderstanding with the venue of Dr Gillilands tut last week. Once again I urge you to please confirm tutorials with the tutors. Another announcement is that we will be taking register for all tutorials from February. Tutorials are not compulsory but we are thinking of creating a DP requirement for those wanting to write the Mmed in December. If you are on leave or on call please send the tutor a message so that you become exempt. If anyone is thinking of writing the mmed an average of 70% tut attendece of each subject must be attained. Please note that this is not yet a formal requirement but may be implemented for the next exam. Lastly here are the tuts for this week: Tuesday 4: Hypoxia & Respiratory Failure by Dr Du Preez at the Gen 17:00 Wednesday 5: Low Flow Anaesthesia by Dr Jackson @ the Gen after the combined meeting Thursday 6: Neuromuscular Bocking Agents by Dr Welch @ the Gen 17:00 Have a great week, Marianna


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