Tutorials for week 24 Feb 2014

Hi guys,

Here are this weeks tuts:

Monday 24: Hypoxia & Respiratory Failure by Dr Du Preez, CMJAH 17 : 00

Tuesday 25: Cardiac conduction by Dr du Preez, Bara 17 : 00

Wednesday 26: ARVs by Dr Gilliland, , Bara 16 : 30

Have a good week,


Today’s pharmacology tut rescheduled (Dr Syed, Antineoplastics)

Hi guys

The objection to having a Valentine’s pharmacology tut has been noted.

This tut will subsequently be rescheduled to MONDAY  17 FEBR 17:00 at CMJAH. The rest of next week’s program remains unchanged, making it a busy week.

Have a good weekend


Tutorials for week of 17 feb 2014

Hi guys,

Here are next weeks tuts :

Tuesday 18: Cardiac anatomy & coronaries – Dr Kassiram,  CMJAH 17:00

Wednesday 19: Coagulation & fluids – Prof Milner,  CMJAH 16:30

Thursday 20: Toxicology – Dr Gilliland, Bara 17:00

Have a great week end

Pharm tut moved

Hi guys,

Dr Syed has moved his tut to Friday at 17:00. He’s looking forward to spending valentines day with all of you but promises to have you home by dinner.


Tutorials for week of 10 Feb 2014

Hi guys, Here are next weeks tuts: Tuesday 11: Regulation of Respiration by Dr Diesel – CMJAH 17 : 00 Wednesday 12: Humidification/filters by Dr Vlok – CMJAH 16 : 30 Thursday 13: antineoplastic agents by Dr Syed – CMJAH 17:00 Regards, Marianna

Physics tutorial Wed 2014/02/05

Hi guys

See message below from Tracy regarding this afternoon’s Physics tutorial.


Hi everyone

Instead of spending time in the tut trying to work out maths problems I thought I would send this to you now to start thinking about before this afternoon’s tut on Low Flow Anaesthesia

Calculate what volume of gas the vapourisor will produce from 1ml of isoflurane liquid at room temperature 20C at sea level (SG of Iso is 1.49, MW = 185)



Today’s tut postponed

Hi guys,

Dr Du Preez tut on hypoxia and respiratory failure has been rescheduled for mon 24 Feb.

Sorry for any inconvenience,