Anaemia tut questions/preparation

Here’s a message from Dr Pienaar:

Will you put the following on the blog for the part I people – its not questions per se but I need them to do some self reading.
1. Revise red cell physiology.
2. Name the triggers for EPO production
3. Where is EPO produced? 
4. Discuss Hb formation and the binding of O2 to hb. Know different types of hb and the different chains that they consist of.
5. Revise Oxyhb diss curve.
6. Know equations for DO2 and VO2
7. Some intermediary metabolism….. Glycolysis and 2.3DPG production in Rapoport-Luebering pathway in the red blood cell. Effect of altered levels 2,3DPG on O2 loading/offloading.
8.Physiological changes of pregnancy, specifically the haematological system: the physiological anaemia of pregnancy – how and why?
9. And of course, O2 transport is a tut by itself…

My tut will focus on:
1.Defining anaemia. 
2.The metabolic and physiologic responses to anaemia
3.Basic classification according to morphology and red cell production.I’ve been meaning to get this to you earlier but its been crazy with the course last week..Thanks!


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