Hi guys

Please note that today’s tut (Dr Maisto, ARV’s, CMJAH, 17:00) had to be postponed at the last minute.
It has been rescheduled for Mon 4 Aug 17:00 at CMJAH.
Apologies for the late cancellation.



Tutorials for week of 28 July

Hi guys,

Here are this weeks tuts:

Mon 28: Gas manufacturing & supplies by Dr Vlok; CMJAH 17:00
Wed 30: Malnutrition & Starvation by Dr Nobbs; CMJAH 16:30
Thurs 31: ARVs by Dr Maisto; CMJAH 17:00

Study hard,

Tut attendance

Hi guys,

I have just found out that the tut attendance has been shocking lately.  One or two people going to a tut is unacceptable!

If you are planning on writing in March you should be studying and attending tutorials at this stage. 

Anyone planning on writing the MMED needs to have completed the tut DP requirements.  By the complete disinterest in tuts I assume no one is planning on writing in Dec.

If tut attendance does not improve we will cancel the August programme.

Please let myself,  Dr Jackson or Dr Vlok know if there are any issues regarding this matter.


Todays tut

Hi guys,

Todays tut will be given by Dr Tellier after the meeting at the Sunnyside hotel.


Tuts for the week of 21 July 2014

Hi guys

This week’s programme:
TUES 22 JUL – Intermediary metabolism – Dr Alli, CMJAH, 17:00
WED 23 JUL – The gas laws, critical temperature, viscosity, Venturi – Dr Hadjimichael, CMJAH, 16:30
THURS 24 JUL – Premedication – Dr Wagner, CHBAH, 17:00.

Five weeks to go. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Good luck


Calls around exams

Hey everyone.

The August call roster is being done today and it seems there are still people who have not confirmed if they are writing next month. If you are writing please will you send a message to Romy ( today! Even if you have already told them/put in requests, rather be safe and send them a quick message. Romy says that if nothing is received today then she will presume you are not writing and put you on call around the time.



Tuts for week of 14 July

Here are this weeks tuts:

Tue 15: Organ failure by Dr Syed; CMJAH 17:00

Thurs 17: Antidysrhythmic agents by Dr Maisto; CMJAH 17:00


This weeks question

Hi guys here are 2 more physiology guest ions for you to attempt:

Derive the shunt equation (10 marks)

Calculate the shunt fraction on a patient with an Hb of 8.3 and FiO2 of 0.5 in Jhb with the following blood gas results
ABG: pH 7.475, pCO2 50, pO2 93, sats 97
VBG: pH 7.495, pCO2 49.2, pO2 49.5, sats 86. (10 marks)

Today’s tut!

Hi guys,

Irene is running late as she is stuck in traffic.  Please wait for her. She is on her way.

Questions and reading for tomorrow’s tut

Hello. Tomorrow’s tut is on maths, graphs and exponential functions. It would be most beneficial if everyone could look though the section before. Here is a link to an article which in my opinion explains things clearer than some recent refresher course. Please read through before the tut

Answer the following questions:
1) For each of the following draw the graph, give the equation, give a clinical example
a) wash in curve
b) tear away curve
c) wash out curve

2) Following a bolus of propofol the concentration decreases according to a 3 compartment model.
a)Draw the concentration/time graph which illustrates this
b)give the equation which describes this graph

Bring your answers tomorrow. We will be starting after the meeting at the college around 4pm. Send me a msg if you are not at the meeting but are coming through so we know if to wait. My number is 0798620968