Questions and reading for tomorrow’s tut

Hello. Tomorrow’s tut is on maths, graphs and exponential functions. It would be most beneficial if everyone could look though the section before. Here is a link to an article which in my opinion explains things clearer than some recent refresher course. Please read through before the tut

Answer the following questions:
1) For each of the following draw the graph, give the equation, give a clinical example
a) wash in curve
b) tear away curve
c) wash out curve

2) Following a bolus of propofol the concentration decreases according to a 3 compartment model.
a)Draw the concentration/time graph which illustrates this
b)give the equation which describes this graph

Bring your answers tomorrow. We will be starting after the meeting at the college around 4pm. Send me a msg if you are not at the meeting but are coming through so we know if to wait. My number is 0798620968



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