Tut updates (yesterday, today and tomorrow)

Hi guys

Apologies about yesterday’s tut – dr Alli was on leave. (If you were here, just send me a message, 0824842608. I already know about Rachelson, Phokontsi, Mahomed, Omar, V/d Berg).
His tut on ventilators, ventilator graphics and effects of altitude has now been rescheduled to tomorrow i.e. Fri 22 Aug 16:30 at CMJ. Friday is not ideal but the guys writing next week requested to have this tut prior to the exams. If you want to attend and 16:30 is too early, please inform dr Alli during the day (his number 0827184989).

Secondly, today’s tut by dr Moutlana (Renal handling of sodium, potassium and water) has changed venues.
It will now be at CMJ at 17:00 instead of Bara. Please spread the news.

Good luck



3 Responses to Tut updates (yesterday, today and tomorrow)

  1. Johnson Mahlangu says:

    Hi I also came and turned at the entrance. JJ MAHLANGU

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  2. Hey, Megan, Blaise & I also tried to attend

    Regards Garth Bartlett Donnerenbliksem@yahoo.com


  3. Lihle says:

    Hey, I also attended, and left after we were informed about the new changes

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