Tut 3 Sep

Tomorrow’s tut will be at the college after the combined meeting. It will not be on lung function tests as previously said but more on basic concepts of matter and pressure including the gas laws, solubility, specific gravity etc. Make sure you have a calculator and paper to work stuff out on.

Some examples to try work out before:

1) You have a 6 litre  nitrous oxide cylinder with weighs 3.5kg (empty weight 1kg). For how long could you run that cylinder at 6L/min?

2)The specific gravity of Sevoflurane is 1.52. Use this information to determine what volume will be generated by 1 ml of Sevo at STP?

3)A bottle of Sevo falls over and empties on the floor. What percentage of the sevo will evaporate?

See you tomorrow





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