FCA 1 – admin, MMed etc

Hi guys

Some admin issues:
1. CONGRATULATIONS to the candidates that passed!! Well done and well deserved. To unsubscribe from this blog’s posts, do the following:
a. Go to http://www.subscribe.wordpress.com.
b. Enter your email address and “Request details”.
c. Then click the “Unfollow” link next to “FCAONE”.

2. MMED:
If you intend writing the upcoming Part I MMed exam, please inform me via email (jevlok@gmail.com). Don’t worry about the attendance stats for now – if you want to write, let me know urgently.

3. Remember the physics marathon of Wed 12 Nov. I hope your call requests were submitted on time. Even if your list runs late or you’re allocated to emergencies it will still be worthwhile to attend as soon as you’re able.

4. How to follow this blog (please inform any new registrars):
a. Go to fcaone.wordpress.com
b. Bottom right corner: click the “Follow” link




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