Thursdays pharm tut venue & questions!

Hi guys,

Thursdays pharm tut will take place at the Gen at 17:00. Here are some questions from Dr Vereen to go through before then.

Pharmacology – Acute Pain

1) Paracetamol
​a) Discuss the Mechanism of Action of Paracetamol. ​​(10)
​b) Discuss the metabolism of Paracetamol & the role of
​ N-Acetylcysteine in Paracetamol overdose. ​​​(10)

2) Regarding Opioids, make short notes on:
​a) Opioid Tolerance and Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia (OIH). ​(10)
​b) Cancer recurrence post opioid administration. ​​​(10)

3) Outline your Analgesic options for an Adult patient presenting for major
abdominal surgery. ​​​​​​​​(25)


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