Questions for wed physics tut

Hi guys,

Here are some questions to answer for Wednesdays tut.

1. Define the following using equations and giving normal values where applicable:
A. Cardiac output
B. Cardiac index
C. Stroke volume
D. Preload
E. Venous return
F. Afterload
G. Systemic vascular resistance
H. Contractility
I.  Ejection fraction
J. Ficks law (and which monitor uses this physical principle)

2. Draw a dye dilution graph for a normal patient and for one with a low CO

To save time I thought we could go through last years MMED temp question instead of a boring didactic lecture. Please try answer the question before hand.

1. Write short notes on the difference between heat and temperature, include the differences between the relevant SI units​​​​​​​​​(5)
2. Draw a heating curve for water and use it to explain the principles of specific latent heat of fusion and specific latent heat of vaporisation​​​​​​​ (10)
3. Define the three laws of thermodynamic​​​​​​ (6)
4. Temperature measurement in theatre is an essential part of anaesthetic practice. List the devices available for temperature measurement ​​​​​​​(5)
5. Discuss 4 of the above examples in detail​​​​​​​(20)
6. What available temperature monitor is considered gold standard for the measured of core temperature in clinical practice and what device does it use to make this measurement ​​(4)



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