Programme for the next two weeks (starting 8 Jan 2015) and online exam application

Hi guys

Welcome back from the festive season! All the best for 2015.

As always, the programme is quite full and we have to start right away. However, we’ll take it slow for the first week with only 1 tut, by me:

Thursday 8 Jan, CMJAH, 17:00: Humidification, filters, humidifiers.

Next week will be quite full, 4 tuts:
Mon 12 Jan, CHBAH, 17:00: Neuropsychiatric agents, dr Gilliland

Tues 13 Jan, CMJAH, 17:00: Low flow anaesthesia, dr Kay

Wed 14 Jan, after the combined meeting, venue to be confirmed, 16:30: Oxygen/CO2 transport, hypo-/hypercapnia, dr Smith

Thurs 15 Jan, CMJAH, 17:00: Off-label drug use and consent, Prof Lündgren.

Please spread the word to any new and/or lost colleagues.

FCA I online exam applications close on Thursday 15 January 2015 –>
If you’re writing in March, don’t delay your application. It is not a 5 minute exercise!




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