Tuts for the week of 19 Jan

Hi guys,

We have put up copies of the 2015 tut roster on the relevant boards at each hospital. Take a look at them but remember that small changes often occur throughout the year.

Here are the tuts for the next 2 weeks
Mon 19: Mechanics of ventilation by Dr Nobbs, CMJAH, 17:00

Wed 21: Ventilators & ventilator graphics by Dr Alli, CMJAH, 16:30

Thurs 22: Smooth muscle agents Part 1 (vascular/bronchial) by Prof Milner, CMJAH, 17:00

Tue 27: Pulm anatomy, lung vol, airway reflexes, non resp function of the lung, by Dr du Preez, Bara, 17:00

Wed 28: Pulse oximetry (incl NIRS), O2 analysis by Dr Sethusa, Bara, 16:30

Thurs 29: SM agents Part 2 (uterine/GIT) by Prof Milner, CMJAH, 17:00

Fri 30: Hypoxia / resp failure by Dr Radford, CMJAH, 17:00

Please make an effort to attend Dr Radfords tutorials as he is an extremely experienced teacher who gives excellent tuts. He has also kindly offered to come from private to give some tuts.

Kindest regards,


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