UPDATE: Programme until end of Feb 2015 plus mock exam in March

Hi guys

There have been too many changes on short notice. Please delete my previous 2 posts from today.

This is the updated programme for the last 2 weeks of February:

TUES 17: Drug interactions, dr SYED, CMJAH, 17:00
WED 18: Pulmonary circulation and regulation of pulmonary blood flow, dr KASSIRAM, CMJAH, 16:30
THURS 19: Pharmacokinetics, dr WELCH, CMJAH, 17:00.

MON 23: Cardiac conduction, ECG, arrhythmias, dr DU PREEZ, CHBAH, 17:00
TUES 24: Cardiac anatomy, coronary physiology, Wigges diagram, dr KASSIRAM, CMJAH, 17:00
WED 25: Vapourisers, dr VLOK, CMJAH, 16:30
THURS 26: Endocrine pharmacology, dr VEEREN, CHBAH, 17:00.

We are planning a mock exam for the guys writing this March. It is scheduled for Wed 4 March after the combined meeting and will be held at CMJAH. If you’re interested, request that you’re not on call or covering a list that won’t finish on time.




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