Programme for the first 2 weeks of March 2015

Hi guys

Here is the programme for the next two weeks, starting 4 Mar:

Wed 4 March: Mock written by Dr Vlok and Dr Hadjimichael; CMJAH; 17:00
Thurs 5 March: Antidysrhythmics by Dr Gilliland; Bara; 17:00
Fri 6 March: Control of CO/BP by Dr Radford; CMJAH; 17:00 – NB it is on Friday. Please attend. Dr Radford comes from private and is unfortunately only available on Fridays. Those that attended his previous talks will confirm that it’s definitely worthwhile.

Tue 10: CCF/IHD/shock by Dr Moutlana; Bara; 17:00
Wed 11: Organ failure (cardiac, renal, hepatic) by Dr Syed; CMJAH; 16:30
Thurs 12: Premedication by Dr Vereen; CMJAH; 17:00.

Regarding this week’s mock exam on Wed 4 Mar:
1. Due to time limitations, we’ll do one abbreviated long question per subject. The session shouldn’t take longer than 90 minutes.
2. People not writing now are welcome to attend, however, the focus will be on those candidates writing in a few weeks.

Good luck



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