Program for the next 2 weeks

Hi guys

Apologies for the late post. Here is the program for the next 2 weeks, starting today:

TUES 7 April: Special circulation (spinal, renal portal, splanchnic), 17:00, CMJAH, dr Smith
WED 8: ARV’s, 16:30, CHBAH, dr Gilliland
THURS 9: Neuromuscular blocking agents, 17:00, CMJAH, dr Welch

MON 13 April: Haemostasis and tests of coagulation, 17:00, CMJAH, dr Nobbs
TUES 14: A-lines and damping, 17:00, CMJAH, dr Kay
WED 15: Blood gas machine, 16:30, CMJAH, dr Bolon
THURS 16: Intravenous induction agents (incl TCI/TIVA), 17:00, CMJAH, prof Milner.

Just a reminder that the online program is updated frequently as is usually quite accurate. Go to –> Program –> Teaching program.

Have a good week



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