Tutorials for the end of April & TUT ATTENDANCE!

Hi guys,

It has come to our attention that tutorial attendance has been extremely poor. We run an adult teaching program and cannot force people to attend. It is an extensive program designed to help registrars pass. If you are unhappy with the program, please let us know. A lot of time and effort is put into preparing tuts, it is therefore unacceptable to have one person arrive for a tut. As responsible adults please inform tutors if you are running late or unable to make their tut. If attendance does not improve we will be forced to stop running the program all together.

After that lecture, here is the program for the next 2 weeks.

Tue 21: Inflammation, SIRS, sepsis by Dr Du Preez; Bara; 17:00
Wed 22: CO monitors by Dr Hadjimichael; CMJAH; 16:30
Thurs 24: Special circulations (spinal, renal, portal, splanchnic) by Dr Smith; CMJAH; 17:00

Tue 28: Antineoplastic drugs by Dr Syed; CMJAH; 17:00
Wed 29: Gas manufacturing & supply by Dr Vlok; CMJAH; 16:30
Thurs 30: Heamostasis & tests of coagulation by Dr Nobbs; CMJAH; 17:00

Please remember to reconfirm all tuts with the tutors on the day.



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