Tutorials for this week

Hi guys,

Congratulations to the huge group that made it through the FCA 1! We are all extremely proud.

Here is the program for this week:

Tue 26 May: Statistics and Tests of neuromuscular function by Dr Kay at CMJAH; 17:00

Wed 27 May: Electricity by Dr Sethusa; Bara; 16:30

Thurs 28 May: ANS part 1 (physiology) by Dr Veeren; CMJAH; 17:00

Have a great week,


CO monitor tut tomorrow

Hi guys,

I’ve had a few requests to catch up my CO monitor tut. The only available day is tomorrow at 4:30 at CMJAH.

Please spread the word and if possible try attempt the questions that I put up last month.


Tomorrows tut postponed

Hi guys,

There will be no tut tomorrow. Dr Kay will give back to back tuts next tue on Statistics and Tests of neuromuscular function at CMJAH. Please make an effort to attend as both are very important topics.


Program for the next two weeks, starting 13 May

Hi guys

Only 2 tuts per week for the next two weeks:

WED 13: Temperature and warming devices, dr Hadjimichael, CMJAH, 16:30
THURS 14: Analgesic agents (Acute pain), dr Veeren, CHBAH, 17:00.

TUES 19: Statistics, dr Kay, CMJAH, 17:00
THURS 21: Coagulation and fluids, prof Milner, 17:00.



Tutorials for week of 4 May

Hi guys,

There are only two tuts this week:

Wed 6: Components of Blood (RBC, Hb & variants, blood groups, blood storage and transfusion) by Dr Moutlana; CMJAH; 16:30

Thurs 7: Analgesics Part 2 (Chronic pain) by Dr Chetty; HJH; 17:00

Kind regards,