Incidence and Prevalence

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Stats 8 – Probability and odds

Here you go. I decided to leave ANOVA and some of the complicated analysis of variables as I don’t think they are so important. Will carry on on this track for the moment….


8 Probability and Odds


Hi all. This is a quick note to let you know that I have not forgotten about the stats notes, but I have been swamped with a part II tut and a talk I have to give at the cardiac m and m. Once this is sorted out, normal service will resume.

Apologies for any of you who have been holding your breath and sitting on the edges of your seats waiting for the next installment…


Stats – p values

A quick overview of the p-value.

Short and sweet. Next up… ANOVA.


Stats 6

Herewith installment 6.



Confidence Intervals – Stats 5

Herewith the next in the series.

As always… Questions? Pls contact me/ dave Wels.

Statistics Course_5_PDF

Statistics 4 – The Normal Distribution

Hi once again.

Herewith the latest installment in stats 101. The normal distribution. Once again, if there are any queries or if there is something you don’t understand please please contact me or Dr Wels and we will attempt to clarify. I have tried to make the notes as coherent as possible but some were written in the late hours….

.Statistics Course -4_PDF

Statistics Notes – 3 – Means, standard deviations and standard errors

Hi all

Here is the next installment in the statistics saga. As always if you right click on the link you can save as..

Hope it helps.

Stats course 3_PDF

Statistics Notes – 2 – Displaying data

so here we are again with the next installment of the basic stats stuff.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. Next time we will start with the serious stats. I hope this is useful.

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Statistics Course – 2 _PDF

Week Commencing 7 Nov – And Stats Note 1

Hi guys.

Busy, busy week this week with tuts as follows:

Tuesday 8 Nov – Dr Vallabh, CMJAH 17h00 – Pregnancy and oxytocics

Wednesday 9 Nov – Dr Kleyenstuber – Venue TBC – 17h00 – Pancreas and Diabetes

Thursday 10 Nov – Dr Lee – CMAJH 17h00 – Neonatal and Transitional Physiology

In addition, I have finished the first of a series of notes on Stats… They can be downloaded by clicking on the link below

Statistics Course – 1 _PDF