Tuts week 30 June

Hi Guys.

First off let me congratulate those who have passed part I exams. The only reason you passed is because you worked your butts off. So well done. Those who didn’t get all or any of the exams, take heart. There is always another chance.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the tut program for this week. It will be a bit of a busy one I’m afraid.

On Wednesday, there will be 2 tuts following the meeting. First up, dr Brannigan on ventilators. After that will be Dr Nam on pulmonary blood flow.

On Friday, dr Radford will do pulse oximetry and capnography. I will make the observation that this is a topic which IS asked in exams. So please make sure that you make every effort to attend.

Have a good week.



Week 23-27 April

Hello all….


Tuts this week:-

All on Wednesday.

Dr Brannigan – Ventilators

Dr Alli – Ventilator Graphics





Sorry I forgot the venues…
Dr Cloete at 17h00 at bara
Dr Radford at 17h00 at CMJAH

This week

Tuts this week are as follows:

Wednesday 18 April dr Cloete on altitude
Friday 20 April dr Radford on hypoxia and respiratory failure



Week 10 April

Tuts this week will follow Wednesday meeting at the college. A reminder that attendance is compulsory.

The lectures are: gas manufacture and storage by Dr. Smith, followed y Dr. Ngwenya on oxygen flux.

Hope you had a good Easter and Passover weekend.



2 April 2012 week

Hi guys

Hope exams went well to those who wrote.
This weeks tuts are:

Dr Mononyanes tut on CO2 flux is postponed to next week.
Thursday is anaesthetic machine safety with Dr Cloete at bara at 17h00