Tutorials – Week of May 28

Welcome to the new rotation…..

Tutorials this week as follows:

  • Dr Madlener – Antiarrythmics
  • Dr Kleyenstuber – Coronary Blood flow

Both of these come up from time to time in FCA I written papers – suggest you attend and pay good attention.. 🙂

Both tuts will be on Wednesday at the C


Amendment. (urgent) 23 may 2012

Hi all.
Please accept my humble apologies, but I am going to need to cancel my tut on pacemakers and defibs this afternoon.
I have had no time to adequately prepare (due to a number of reasons, none of which you will care about), but I feel that an in adequately prepared tut is worse than none.

Dr mark Eagar will do cardiac failure drugs from 15:00 today.

I will reschedule to next week or at a time which works.
I do apologise


This week 21 may 2012

Hi guys

This weeks a combined meeting on Wednesday
The tuts are:
Cardiac failure drugs by dr Eager
And pacemakers and defibrillators by dr Blackburn


Today’s tut with dr Ortega

Today’s tut with dr Ortega will be at bara at 17h00 in the lecture room.

Tutorials – week 14 May

Hi guys.

No meeting at the CMSA this week, so tutorials will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 17h00

Tuesday – Dr Maria Ortega – Cardiac Electrophysiology

Thursday  – Dr Tseli Mbeki – Antihypertensives (CMJAH)

Both at 17h00 – Tuesday venue TBC.



Tuts week 7 May

Hi guys

Apologies for the tardiness of this.


Cardiac physiology and Anatomy tomorrow after the meeting – Dr C Knights.


Have a good week.