Tutorials for week of 4 February 2014

Hi guys, Firstly I’d like to apologise for the misunderstanding with the venue of Dr Gillilands tut last week. Once again I urge you to please confirm tutorials with the tutors. Another announcement is that we will be taking register for all tutorials from February. Tutorials are not compulsory but we are thinking of creating a DP requirement for those wanting to write the Mmed in December. If you are on leave or on call please send the tutor a message so that you become exempt. If anyone is thinking of writing the mmed an average of 70% tut attendece of each subject must be attained. Please note that this is not yet a formal requirement but may be implemented for the next exam. Lastly here are the tuts for this week: Tuesday 4: Hypoxia & Respiratory Failure by Dr Du Preez at the Gen 17:00 Wednesday 5: Low Flow Anaesthesia by Dr Jackson @ the Gen after the combined meeting Thursday 6: Neuromuscular Bocking Agents by Dr Welch @ the Gen 17:00 Have a great week, Marianna


Tutorial programme February 2014

Hi guys

Here is February’s programme:

TUES 4:  Hypoxia and respiratory failure – Dr DU PREEZ, CHBAH 17:00
WED 5:  Low flow anaesthesia – Dr JACKSON, CMJAH (after the combined meeting)
THURS 6:  Neuromuscular blocking agents – Dr WELCH, CMJAH 17:00

TUES 11:  Regulation of respiration – Dr DIESEL, CMJAH 17:00
WED 12:  Humidification/filters – Dr VLOK, CMJAH 16:30
THURS 13:  Antineoplastic agents – Dr SYED, CMJAH 17:00

TUES 18:  Cardiac anatomy and coronaries – Dr KASSIRAM, CMJAH 17:00
WED 19: Coagulation and fluids – Prof MILNER, CMJAH 16:30
THURS 20: Toxicology –  Dr GILLILAND, CHBAH 17:00

TUES 25:  Cardiac conduction – Dr DU PREEZ, CHBAH 17:00
WED 26:  To be confirmed

Starting February, attendance will be recorded. Just a reminder: please confirm time/venue with the consultant on the day of the tut. Apologies for the mishap with the ARV tut – it has been rescheduled. Inform us of problems – earlier rather than later.

Keep the academic ball rolling!


Tomorrows tut

Hi guys,

Tomorrows tut by Dr Hepburn will be held at the gen after the meeting at the wits club.


Tutorial change!

Hi guys,

The tut on Tuesday 14 on ventilator Mechanics will be by Dr Nobbs at CMJAH 17 : 00 not by Dr du Preez.


Tutorials for 6-30 Jan

Hi guys,

I will be on leave from Monday until 29 Jan so here are the tuts for the next 3 weeks:

Tuesday 14: Ventilator Mechanics by Dr du Preez @ CHBAH 17 : 00
Wednesday 15: Pulse Oximetry & O2 analysis by Dr Hepburn after the combined meeting
Thursday 16: Inhalation agents by Dr E Welch @ CMJAH 17 : 00

Tuesday  21: Pulm circulation & regulation of pulm blood  flow by Dr Kassiram @ CMJAH 17 : 00
Wednesday 22: Pacemakers/defibrillators  by Dr Vlok @ CMJAH 16:30
Thursday 23: Antiretroviral agents by Dr Gilliland @ CMJAH 17:00

Tuesday 28: O2 & CO2 flux by Dr Diesel @ CMJAH 17 : 00
Wednesday 29: Blood Gas Machine by Dr Bannan @ CHBAH 16:30
Thursday 32: IV induction agents incl TCI/TIVA by Prof Milner @ CMJAH 17: 00

Please remember to confirm with consultants the venue and time of the tut (especially for the Wednesday tuts).

For the guys writing in March don’t forget to register before the closing dates!

Have a good weekend,

Tut changes for the week

Hi guys,
There is no meeting at Bara this week so Dr Jackson has moved her tut to Thursday at CMJAH 17 : 00 and Dr Syed will giving his tut on Friday at CMJAH at 17:00.

Tutorials for 6 Jan 2014

Hi guys,

Hope you all had a wonderful festive season.  The tut programme is back in full swing with 3 tuts a week. Physio on Tuesday, Physics on Wednesday and Pharm on Thursday.

As you are all aware the results of the mmed were rather disappointing. It is in your own best interest to attend as many tutorials as you can. We are here to help make exams easier but you need to put in the effort. If any one want any extra help all the consultants who give tuts would be more than willing to help.

Enough lecturing. Here are this weeks tuts:

Tuesday 7: pulmonary anatomy, lung volumes and non-resp pulm function by Dr du Preez at CHBAH 17:00

Wed 8: Lung function tests Dr Jackson CMJAH 17:00

Thursday 9: Organ failure by Dr Syed at CMJAH 17:00

Have a great week,