Tuts this week 29 – Oct

Hi Guys.

Apologies once againĀ for the late notice.

Tuts this week are

DR LEE – TODAY!!! – Transitional physiology (Please make every effort to attend this one….) 17h00 CMJAH

Tomorrow – 31 Oct – Pregnanycy PHYSIOLOGY – Dr Purbhoo (DGMC) – 15h00






Tuts for this week

Hi guys

Tuesday 23 oct Dr Smith on PTH Ca and Mg… CMJAH 17h00
Wednesday 24 oct Dr Kleyenstuber on pancreas and diabetic drugs

Have a super week.


Tutorials- week October 15

Hi all.
I do apologise for the tardiness of this post, was waiting for confirmation of one of the tuts.

Tutorials for this week as follows
TOMORROW I.e Tuesday 16/10 – Dr Kemp – CMJAH at 17:00 – HPA Axis
Wednesday after the meeting – Dr A Ger – adrenal physiology


Tutorials Week 8 October

Hi All

Apologies for the late notice about tuts this week. HAd to sort our one or two issues about tut givers etc.

The upshot is that there will be only one tut this week.

This will be Dr Marsden on Thursday – Thyroid Physiology. 17h00 CMJAH.

Please may I make a request that you all check the tutorial program regularly – it is available online. Click on the tab at the top of the screen that says “Program” (strangely enough). I have checked the link and it still works.

Bear in mind that this is a live roster so it does change from time to time. So please check often.

I am in the process of confirming the dates for the rest of the month.




Reminder of this weeks tuts

Dr Smith on Ca Mg and PTH on Tuesday at gen at 17h00

Dr Marsden on thyroid at gen on Thursday at 17h00

Questions will follow later today…